GYEON Q²M Compound Plus

Производитель GYEON

Артикул: 8809432673798
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GYEON Q²M Compound + - A heavy cut compound with lots of power and low secondary defects.

Q²M Compound+ is a heavy cutting paste that delivers an improved level of scratch removal and high abrasion with a low level of dust and limited secondary defects. Although it does leave light holograms, they are simple to remove with one pass of Q²M Polish.


Q²M Compoud+ is unlike any other cutting polish. With its water base, both speed and temperature shall be reduced to get the best results. Work in small sections, moving the machine slowly across the surface. TIP: Q²M Compound+ has its highest cutting abilities during the first period of the work cycle. Each attempt should take no longer than 45 seconds.

CUT: ★★★★★★
FINISH: ★★★★

Q²M Compound+ delivers increased cutting power without the usual price of enormous defects. The formula is water-based and contains high-quality japanese abrasives that allow fast and easy removal of harsh defects. No silicone or fillers make the procedure of pre-coating preparation and polish removal much faster and easier.