CARPRO MicroBuff applicator

Производитель CARPRO

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CARPRO MicroBuff Pad

The MicroBuff Pad is a versatile tool from CARPRO that will enhance both cleaning and dressing application processes for leather and textured plastic surfaces. The double-sided micro nylon fiber design reduces abrasiveness in order to avoid surface appearance changes caused by some microfiber tools. This design also allows the pad to glide gently across the surface. Used in combination with a designated cleaner, the nylon fibers gently but effectively help lift contamination from the pores of textured surfaces. Used as an applicator for your favourite interior dressing or leather conditioner, the pad produces a smooth and even application with ease.

Double-sided design.
Works as a cleaning pad or dressing applicator.
Perfect for textured surfaces.
Micro-nylon fibers.

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