CARPRO Mild Clay X3 (3x100g mild clay bars)

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CARPRO Mild Clay X3 (3x100g mild clay bars)

New mild clay bar kits!

A truly essential item in every detailer’s arsenal, CARPRO clay bars are easy to mold, grab contaminants fast, and resist chemicals! CARPRO clay bars are much harder to break down thanks to increased soap and high pH resistance.
Each kit contains 3 x 100g bars individually packaged in separate cases allowing for easier and longer storage.

Key Benefits:
(3) 100g bars individually packaged.
Easy to mold.
Lifts contaminants fast.
Smooth sliding for minimized abrasion.
Resistant to soaps and high pH.

Note: If dropped, detailing clay should be discarded as contaminants will stick to clay and introduce scratches to painted surfaces.

Recommended Surfaces:
Clear coated surfaces.
Painted surfaces.
Fiberglass surfaces.
Chrome surfaces.
Glass surfaces.