If you’re new to the detailing world, then you might have wondered how does everyone get their car to be hydrophobic with almost no effort? How do you get water beading without having a ceramic coating on your car?

This is all achieved with the right detailing product. You might have heard something about a product called ‘ Wetcoat ‘. This is actually the most famous product from a well-known car care brand GYEON, with the correct name being GYEON Q²M WetCoat.


It offers instant durable protection in minutes and is super easy to use. The real advantage is the huge hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately, together with an intense gloss, slickness and shine to painted surfaces. 

You can also use it on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. It will add great self-cleaning properties not only to the paintwork but also to plastic or metal trims, rims or windows.

How to use it? Simply wash your car and before drying, spray Q²M WetCoat on your wet car, immediately rinse your car with water again (the product reacts with water) and you’re done!

See more info from GYEON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6m9_k7xRMg

Get the product from here: https://autojoy.shop/products/gy-q2m-wetcoat

апрель 15, 2024 — Karl-Erik Eesmaa