CARPRO Measuring Cup


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CARPRO Measuring Cup
Screw-on-squeeze-out measuring cup.

The new way to precisely measure CARPRO concentrates for dilution is here! With this quick and easy to use device simply screw onto any 28mm threaded bottle. Then "squeeze and pour" for the dilution ratio required. Measurement listings are in ml and oz. The Measuring Cup will not allow any liquid to flow or leak from the bottle when pouring out the concentrate.

Easy to use.
Fits any 28mm threaded bottle.
Measurements listed in milliliter and fluid ounce.

Qty: (1) Measuring cup with (2) straw.

1. Cut the straw at the markers for either 500ml or 1000ml bottles.
2. Insert straw firmly into the measuring cup.
3. Unscrew cap from desired concentrate bottle and screw on the Measuring Cup.
4. Squeeze concentrate bottle until liquid reaches the desired level.
5. Open cap to measuring cup and pour liquid directly into your working container.

1. Cap is not intended to fully seal the measuring cup and if measuring cup is left full of liquid and bottle is left laying on its side then the contents of measuring cup can leak out. The contents of bottle will not leak out reg
2. Avoid spilling or wiping solvents on outside of Measuring Cup. Oz and ml markings may be removed with strong solvents.