CARPRO Cool Wool Pad


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CARPRO Cool Wool Pad 1pcs

Our CARPRO Cool Wool Cutting Pad has been redesigned with an even more durable and dense foam interlayer. It still utilizes the excellent short hair Japanese style wool design with a centering hole to easily balance the pad while also aiding in a cooler pad and polishing surface while in use. Anyone who has studied their polishing pads after heavy use has found the center of the pad is nearly useless. By removing this portion of the pad we allow the surface to stay cooler while also providing a self centering hole to save time during pad mounting. This pad not only provides heavy cut but finishes down incredibly well for a heavy cut pad.

100% Wool polish face
Open cell foam interlayer
Hook/Loop backing made in USA.
Self centering hole in center.
Remove swirls, oxidation, and scratches.

Contents: 1 pad.
Cut: 7/8.
Function: Heavy cutting or compounding pad.
Polishing material: 100% wool.
Interlayer: Dense foam.
Hardness: 3kpa.
Color: Off White.
Velcro color: Red.