Auto Finesse Silk Drying Towel


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Silk Drying Towel - Twist loop microfibres for superb paint safety and the fastest and most efficient moisture absorption.

The super-soft Silk Drying Towel is the ideal accessory for enthusiasts and professionals looking to detail the most pampered paintwork. This extra-large, 920 x 620mm premium towel has been engineered to glide freely across exterior surfaces, quickly absorbing any water and impurities and storing them deep within the fibres, far away from the most sensitive paint finishes.

This particular design also features twist loop microfibre for the fastest and most efficient moisture absorption, without the risk of abrading any previously-applied protection layers. Complete with a scratch-less, micro suede edging, the Silk Drying Towel safely tackles everything from paintwork and trim, to glass and wheels, traveling smoothly across any surface with minimum of effort.