CARPRO GlassCut Pad 130mm

Производитель CARPRO

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CARPRO GlassCUT Pad 130mm

A more aggressive Glass Pad with cushioning for improved control
WARNING: This pad is NOT for new glass or glass in good condition. This is for removing swirls and scratches in glass!

The 130mm CARPRO GlassCUT pad is constructed of soft yet dense abrasive material that provides a textured polishing surface capable of removing etched water spots and light scratches. With slight cushioning that helps absorb excessive pressure and also creates a smooth polishing experience using minimal pressure, the GlassCUT pad is another great tool for glass restoration!

Best used with our CeriGlass compound, this product should only be used on moderate to severely damaged glass (visible scratches/etching). Always try to polish/clean the glass with a cutting compound like CARPRO Ultracut with a stiff foam polishing pad before using CeriGlass and a GlassCUT Pad. CeriGlass and the GlassCUT Pads are a much more aggressive option and should only be used at your own risk when the less aggressive options are not getting the scratches out.

Fast Cutting Glass pad.
Interlayer for smooth polishing.

Qty.: 1
Cut: Glass, Minerals
Function: Glass Cutting Pad