GYEON Q²M WheelMitt

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GYEON Q²M WheelMitt - Dedicated mitt for all types & shapes of wheels.

Q²M WheelMitt is an ergonomic mitt designed to clean rims quickly and effectively.Thanks to its soft fibres, it removes dirt without damaging the finish.Made of high quality South Korean fibres, it will quickly become a “must-have” tool for both DIY users and professionals.It comes in one size and shape.

Its main features - safety, softness and comfort - add extended durability due to the innovative type of fibres. Q²M WheelMitt glides over the surface collecting dirt particles in the safest possible way. The washing process feels more “lubricated” and smooth. The mitt is equipped with an ergonomic welt protecting it from slipping or falling. It is made of genuine Korean material and custom sewn by Gyeon. Hand wash only, maximum 30’C. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.