Unique technology. Utilised for the first time in the automotive industry. Based entirely on natural components and science. Safe on every surface.




Q² Purify Coat - Anti-bacterial coating. 

Q² Purify Coat takes advantage of unique technology to prevent the development of bacteria and microbes on any interior surface. Leaves a natural, matte finish. Possible use on trim, leather and fabrics. It creates an anti-bacterial layer on any surface, in automotive, marine or home applications. Unlike alcohol-based products, its 100% natural formula is durable for up to 12 months.

Q²M Purify Maintain - Anti-bacterial maintenance spray.

Q²M Purify Maintain is designed to help upkeep the anti-bacterial effect of the coating. It prolongs its durability but also has anti-bacterial properties. Use it as a daily interior detailer or to maintain your coating. It will remove light dust and grime while leaving surface protection for 3 up to even 6 months.

Q²M InteriorDetailer - Quick detailer for your interior.

Its well-known formula remains unchanged, but the product becomes a natural part of the new Purify line. Ideal interior maintenance product to remove light grime and contamination while leaving a fresh and purified interior feel.

Q²M OdorRemover - Effective odor removal spray.

Q²M OdorRemover uses unique technology to encapsulate unpleasant smells and remove them completely from any interior. Thanks to its water-based formula, it can be sprayed on any interior surface without any risk for you and your passenger.

Q²M OdorRemover Pads - Effective odor removal pads. 

Q²M OdorRemover Pad doesn't mask unpleasant smells like most air fresheners. Utilising active particles of our regular OdorRemover, it encapsulates them and eliminates them while being completely neutral to the interior, making it a perfect fit for automotive interiors carrying children or pets.



In 2019 we launched our first two PPF films: Protect+ and Enhance.

We continue to invest into and develop the paint protection film and accessory range.

Q²M PPF Maintain [redefined] - SiO2 PPF maintenance spray

Q²M PPF Maintain is the ultimate ceramic maintenance spray for any type of PPF. Slick, hydrophobic and with the benefit of increased UV-protection, the [redefined] version brings more of each benefit and improved durability on top. Can be used on both PPF and matte vinyl.

Q²M PPF Slip - Concentrated installation fluid. 

Q²M PPF SLIP is the newest addition to our PPF-dedicated product line-up. It has been designed to match all GYEON PPF's, but can also be easily utilised with other materials. Q²M PPF Slip has a very high concentration, allowing it to be diluted up to 1:100. GYEON used a small addition of ethyl alcohol to speed up the evaporation and gently activate the adhesive, allowing a quick and efficient install on complex-shaped panels.

Q²M PPF Accessories - PPF Installer tools and accessories

A good PPF is nothing without the proper installation and, therefore, without proper tools! These tools will be available as kit, in which you'll find:

Q²M PPF Squeegee set X1

Q²M PPF Guided cutter X1

Q²M PPF Gloves X1

Q²M PPF Cutter X1

Q²M PPF Cutter blades X10

Q²M PPF Cutter blades trash X1

Q²M PPF Tweeters set X1

January 04, 2024 — Karl-Erik Eesmaa